We’re aware of our karyotypes, ya dingbats

Norm Julian
2 min readNov 16, 2023

A short spiel on denying biological reality

An excruciating number of humans— both antagonistic and allied — still don’t understand trans people.

This is as ultimately dangerous as it is frustrating, but it’s probably more relatable and worthwhile to focus on the latter. Because everyone gets frustrated, but not everyone manages to experience actual danger of the sort not invented on Facebook. That said, how many times have your heard (or said yourself) that trans people are delusional, and that they simply can’t change biological reality?

Chromosomally speaking, no shit, Sherlock!

The stuff going through our heads is far more mundane, unfortunately. I experience brain fog and malaise when I don’t take the opposite hormone. I feel normal and okay when I do. And I’d prefer to be kindly left the fuck alone about it.

Nowhere in the preceding paragraph did I mention that I personally believe each molecule of testosterone currently making its way into my bloodstream from the pellet implant site behind my left leg is actually a little bastardized-CRISPR-equipped Trojan horse, running maniacally-yet-meticulously with tiny scissors with which to mutilate the excessively long arms of exactly one pesky X chromosome per nucleus in all 28+ trillion cells of my disfigured excuse for a properly-sexed body.

watch out, kids!

I love how folks who spew the ~biology~ stuff probably don’t even know what half of the words I just said even mean. My ninth grade science is more than a little rusty, but you get the idea.

I suppose it’s less comfortable and fun to assume innocuous intent and make mildly-inconvenient social adjustments for those of us just trying to get by.



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