Serious questions from a former pro-lifer

  1. Are you personally, genuinely terrified that you will go to hell and suffer unimaginably when you die if you do not hold a pro-life view?
  2. Do you believe that absolutely nothing could be worse than not being alive?
  3. Are you personally, genuinely terrified that allowing abortion access is a slippery slope that will be used carelessly or lead to other things? What things, exactly, and what would that world look like?
  4. Do you understand that obtaining an abortion is not some quick and trivial process, and that it has heavy physical, logistical, and sometimes mental effects?
  5. Are you actually capable of becoming pregnant yourself?
  6. Are you willing and ready to immediately adopt a child, right now, no questions, no exceptions?
  7. Do you believe that all existences with a unique genetic signature deserve dignity? If so, do you genuinely apply this principle to others, such as the LGBTQ+ community?
  8. Would you prefer to lose all autonomy over losing your life? Would you prefer to see this happen to somebody else? (not in the sense of falling pregnant as a loss of autonomy, though for some it is, but just as an exploration of whether ‘being alive, no matter what’ is truly the one and only most important thing. Is it? If so, why?)
  9. If you make rape and incest exceptions, is your focus truly on the absolute dignity of a unique existence? Or are things more nuanced than you thought? Can you work with this nuance a little, and begin to explore it?
  10. Do you believe what you believe because you always have?



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Norm Julian

Norm Julian

Software developer, autist, and lover of cake (he/him/his). If you are gender critical, please read "Out of the Gray".