Norm Julian

Little Norm — that’s what we’ll call him — was a fortunate child. Despite being raised in the American South, Little Norm lived in a world of his own, with parents too unconcerned themselves…

Just what I needed; thank you! The combination of things that ended up working for me was:

1. Add stdin_open: true and tty: true in the backend server section of our docker-compose.yml

2. Add --timeout 600 --log-level CRITICAL to our gunicorn command

3. docker attach our_container and access pdb of backend code from that terminal

This is a modified version of the Autism Awareness Month piece I first wrote for my company’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion newsletter. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

It’s Monday, so I know exactly what’s for dinner. I know…

Its sad power is this:

Consider a natal, bodily, human male, dropped from another planet, with no Earthly socialization of any kind.

How do we feel about him?

Sympathetic, maybe, and gentle. That he is a boy or a man, of course. …

I’m still not sure I entirely grasp it, because in so many ways I’m damn lucky. Nor have I existed in this plane for very long.

I came into this in near-total, pandemically-padded isolation, after all, with light skin and money and physical safety and more allies than my anxiety…

You know it when you get there — that space where nothing anyone else’s pain can do to you could be worse than what you’re doing to yourself.

It’s a different and even exhilarating sort of liminal space — just as hard to get out of, consciously, as the previous…

“I hear so many people talk about how they get stared at in public, and honestly I’m really grateful because that doesn’t happen to me.”

“Ohhh, yes it does.”

If I could describe my partner’s tone at the time, while we were getting dressed for the symphony, it was anything…

Norm Julian

Software developer, autist, and lover of cake (he/him/his).

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